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  1. Michael Korcuska
    February 4, 2010

    Another great post Michael. I made a similar point in a recent blog post.

    My advice? Run a pilot instead of using an RFP process.

  2. Michael Feldstein
    February 4, 2010

    I agree, pilot is the way to go. If you have to do an RFP process as well in order to meet state requirements, fine. But don’t lard it up with lengthy vendor response requirements that don’t actually tell you anything. Use the RFP to get basic info about service level agreements, etc., and leave the functional evaluations to the pilot.

  3. Rissa Karpoff
    February 8, 2010

    I’m interested in the statement that it would be easy to migrate data from Blackboard to Sakai. Most of the course content I’ve seen in Blackboard has been simply pasted into the Visual Text Editor and formatted there. It would seem to be a huge task to pick through that content manually and copy it to a different system. Is there any information on how SOM courses are built?

  4. Sam Ottenhoff
    February 8, 2010

    Blackboard can export a course to an IMS Content Packaging (IMS-CP) ZIP file (Course Utilities -> Export / Archive Manager). Sakai can import the IMS-CP package in a course site’s Site Info tool (Import from Site). The relevant Sakai code was originally developed by Zach Thomas and is available here:


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