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Audrey Watters is a writer and rabble-rouser. Her work appears in O'Reilly Radar, KQED's MindShift, and Inside Higher Ed, as well as on her own blog Hack Education. For more information, see her profile page.

Bundling Textbook Costs with Tuition

By Audrey WattersMore Posts (3) With all the talk about the “unbundling” of education, it’s interesting to see several universities start to experiment with a re-bundling of sorts — that is, bundling textbook expenses along with students’ course fees and … Continue reading

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Whose Data Is It Anyway?

By Audrey WattersMore Posts (3) I admit: I don’t read Terms of Service agreements before hitting the “Accept” button. I doubt many folks do, save the lawyers who actually write them. As such, it’s hard for me to write an … Continue reading

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What Lies Beneath: Some Thoughts on MOOCs’ Tech Infrastructure

By Audrey WattersMore Posts (3) Much of the mainstream media attention paid to MOOCs lately has involved the content, the credentialing, the cost, the class size. But what about the technology? It was (not surprisingly) Stephen Downes’ OLDaily that got me … Continue reading

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Google Apps for Education: When Will It Replace the LMS?

By Audrey WattersMore Posts (3) History professor Jonathan Rees called it an “uncharacteristically subtle post.” When he posted an excerpt from his university’s report on its Blackboard usage, he didn’t have to say much: “I think all I want to … Continue reading

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Instructure Makes Its Move into the K-12 Market

By Audrey WattersMore Posts (3) The learning management system upstart Instructure is unveiling Canvas K-12 today, a version of its platform aimed — as the name suggests — for the K-12 level. The company says that it’s already had over … Continue reading

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