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Recommended Reading: Ballmer group publishes “Annual Report” on government spending

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) A few years ago Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and current president of the LA Clippers, formed a group called USAFacts. Their goal was to collect comprehensive data on how tax revenues (federal, state and … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Signs of Restraint in the Analytics Hype Machine

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) Mike Sharkey’s recent post on the Blackboard blog site, “Analytics isn’t a thing,” triggered by an epiphany he had while reading the latest NMC Horizon Report, suggests that we might finally be seeing a maturation … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Realistic Hopes for a Genuine Science of Learning

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) Keith Devlin is a professor of mathematics at Stanford who has taken a keen interest in mathematics education. He is particularly interested in how people learn and what constitutes effective teaching. As a side note, … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: A Digital Chief from Publishing Talks Anonymously

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) A recently published article in Digiday provides an insider view of ongoing tensions that are still playing out in the world of publishing. The interviewee speaks to the challenges of running two parallel businesses, one … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: What Do Faculty Really Think of Online Learning?

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) …As it turns out, it depends. Inside Higher Ed recently published its fifth annual  Survey of Faculty Attitudes Toward Technology, conducted in collaboration with researchers from Gallup. These reports cover a range of attitudinal questions … Continue reading

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