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Rob Reynolds is the author of The Future of Learning Content and the Director of MBS Direct Digital. His circuitous professional path has taken him through the ranks of faculty member, university administrator, publishing executive, and co-founder of a successful educational technology startup.

What the Microsoft Investment in Barnes & Noble Means for E-textbooks

By Rob ReynoldsMore Posts (5) This morning, Microsoft and Barnes and Noble announced that the software giant is investing $300 million in a new B&N subsidiary that will include the Nook and B&N College divisions. Microsoft’s investment gives it a … Continue reading

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Online Learning, Startups, and Detective Fiction

By Rob ReynoldsMore Posts (5) It’s always fun to remember those moments when a magic trick of some sort is explained to us. This happened to me several decades ago in, of all places, a course on Literary Theory, in … Continue reading

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Who Really Owns General Education Content (or Can Any Gen Ed Title Really Be Unique)?

By Rob ReynoldsMore Posts (5) I want to begin this post with a few important disclaimers. I am not an attorney, even thought I do spend my fair share of time reviewing commenting on, and drafting language of contracts. In … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Hack: Re-coding Textbooks and Other Learning Content (Introduction)

By Rob ReynoldsMore Posts (5) (This is an initial  rough draft of the Introduction to my next book, The Ultimate Hack: Re-coding Textbooks and Other Learning Content. I will be posting drafts of all the chapters on this site, and … Continue reading

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The Future of Open Learning Content Hinges on Ease of Use

By Rob ReynoldsMore Posts (5) Let’s start off with the obvious. OERs, open textbooks, and other open content have never had more public support or momentum. State governments, universities, and organizations are all upping their openness game in an effort … Continue reading

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