Bill Jerome

Bill is an associate director for Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative.  His primary focus at OLI is in the area of user experience and works with the technology team and the learning engineering team to improve the experiences of the different key user groups of the OLI environments: academic students, individual learners, teachers and authors alike.  Bill was worked at OLI for over ten years when he started on the project as a software developer charged with tuning the environments to log student data for evaluation of the effectiveness of the material developed.

Previous to this, Bill spent a short stint working at the Language Technology Institute at CMU working as a developer on the Lemur Toolkit project while we worked towards his Masters in Human-Computer Interaction.  His first job after completing his undergraduate program in computer science (also at CMU) was for a spin-out then called Carnegie Technology Education (now iCarnegie) working on the development of their platform as well as managing some of the courses they were developing in computer science.  This has come almost full circle, as Bill is currently working with various partners in the School of Computer Science at CMU to bring some of their courses online with OLI.