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The ETV Personalized Learning Series: What We Hope It Contributes

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1026) It seems like there has been an avalanche of high-profile books about the future of education lately—Kevin Carey’s The End of College, Jeff Selingo’s College Unbound, Anya Kamenetz’s The Test, Michael Crow’s Designing the New … Continue reading

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Our Policy on Cookies and Tracking

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1026) In the wake of the Pearson social media monitoring controversy, edubloggers like Audrey Watters and D’arcy Norman have announced their policies regarding code that can potentially track users on their blogs. This is a good … Continue reading

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By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1026) A little while back, e-Literate suddenly got hit by a spammer who was registering for email subscriptions to the site at a rate of dozens of new email addresses every hour. After trying a number … Continue reading

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A Sneak Preview of e-Literate TV at ELI

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1026) Phil and I will be chatting with Malcolm Brown and Veronica Diaz about our upcoming e-Literate TV series on personalized learning in a featured session at ELI tomorrow. We’ll be previewing short segments of video … Continue reading

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A 2014 (Personal) Blogging Retrospective

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1026) Unlike many of the bloggers who I enjoy reading the most, I don’t often let my blogging wander into the personal except as a route to making a larger point. For some reason, e-Literate never … Continue reading

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