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The “Big Picture” category covers larger trends and topics that influence both the problems that technology can help address in education as well as the barriers to implementing high-quality technology-supported education. This includes research-based topics such as learning science and program effectiveness studies, philosophical discussions such as outcomes definitions, and macro-forces such as government policy, markets, and business models.

Recommended Reading: Is Your Edtech Product a Refrigerator or Washing Machine?

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1103) Don’t be put off by a title that reads like click bait; this piece in EdSurge by Julia Freeland Fisher is the real deal. The column looks at the adoption rates of…well…fridges and washing machines. The reason, … Continue reading

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University of California’s Payroll Project Reboot Now At $504 Million

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) In July 2014 I wrote about the University of California’s project to update its payroll & HR systems to Peoplesoft systems and how the project had ballooned out of scope. The goal of the $156 … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading … or Not: Updates on UC Berkeley and NBER stories

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) Here are two updates on stories we’ve covered recently at e-Literate. One is an actual update and that is a lack of update. UC Berkeley and Accessibility In our post clarifying the context of the … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Ballmer group publishes “Annual Report” on government spending

By O’Neal SpicerMore Posts (9) A few years ago Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO and current president of the LA Clippers, formed a group called USAFacts. Their goal was to collect comprehensive data on how tax revenues (federal, state and … Continue reading

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Lumen and Follett: Canary in the Curricular Materials Coal Mine?

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1103) Phil wrote up some excellent observations yesterday about the announcement that Follett has invested in Lumen Learning and will be distributing some of their products. This deal has more significance for the curricular materials market … Continue reading

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