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The “Ed Tech” category includes posts about educational technology products themselves, including LMSs and other learning platforms, adaptive learning and other digital curricular materials products, learning analytics, and educational apps of all types. It also includes technical aspects of ed tech products, especially interoperability.

Scaling Educational Access

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1097) There’s an interesting piece in EdSurge about the potential access to education challenge that CUNY will face if Governor Cuomo makes good on his proposal to make college tuition free: According to the CUNY 2016 Student … Continue reading

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Understanding Learning Science and Its Value to Educators

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1097) In a world where we are constantly barraged with product claims about “learning science,” most educators have very little sense of what that really means and how it is relevant to what they do. I … Continue reading

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Improved NAU Student Success in Subsequent Courses After Math Emporium

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) Last week I published three e-Literate TV episodes on Northern Arizona University and their suite of initiatives aimed at helping first-year (and often first-generation) students. In those videos, NAU staff made some interesting claims, in … Continue reading

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Northern Arizona University: Modified math emporium for first-year students

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) In episode 1 of our e-Literate TV case study on Northern Arizona University, we gave a broad overview of the suite of initiatives (primarily) targeted at helping first-year students amidst the tensions coming from growing enrollments. … Continue reading

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Winter Is Here: EdTech investments and M&A dropped significantly in 2016

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) With the long-term rise in Ed Tech investments – starting in roughly 2007 – many analysts have been predicting a fall for several years. Maybe not a bubble burst like we saw in 2001, but a real … Continue reading

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