ELI Podcast: Emerging Issues Around MOOCs

Michael and I were interviewed by Veronica Diaz for the EDUCAUSE Learning Institute (ELI) podcast series. The theme was looking not at where MOOCs are today, but at where MOOCs might go in the future. The interview is about 13 minutes in length and covers questions such as:

  • Coursera just raised $43m of funding – what potential do investors see in MOOCs?
  • Based on recent Forbes article – do you see MOOCs as replacing parts of traditional higher ed?
  • Will growing numbers of online students reduce hesitation of employers to hire online students? How does this affect institutions being proxies for quality?
  • What applications are there for MOOCs beyond academic programs? (with interesting answer from Michael based on DS106)

You can access the podcast on iTunes under the EDUCAUSE channel (just search ‘educause’ and go to episode 18), through the EDUCAUSE site, or by the link below.

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