Fall 2014 IPEDS Data: Interactive table ranking DE programs by enrollment

Last week I shared a static view of the US institutions with the 30 highest enrollments of students taking at least one online (distance ed, or DE) course. But we can do better than that, thanks to some help from Justin Menard at LISTedTECH and his Tableau guidance.

The following interactive chart allows you to see the full rankings based on undergraduate, graduate and combined enrollments. And it has two views – one for students taking at least one online course and one for exclusive online students. Note the following:

Tableau hints

  • (1) shows how you can change views by selecting the appropriate tab.
  • (2) shows how you can sort on any of the three measures (hover over the column header).
  • (3) shows the sector for each institution by the institution name.

Have at it! You can also go directly to Tableau, allowing a wider view of the table.

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