Ken Udas to Head Up UMassOnline

I am thrilled to report that my former colleague Ken Udas, most recently the Executive Director of Penn State World Campus and before that a fellow escapee from the SUNY Learning Network, has been selected as the new CEO of UMassOnline. Says University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson,

The role of CEO of UMassOnline requires an individual whose knowledge and skills are strong in education, solid in technology, and visionary in management, development, and planning. In Dr. Udas we have clearly met this requirement. Dr. Udas has experienced, and understands, the all-important faculty and program development component which is key to UMassOnline’s future; the all-important technology component that has always distinguished our offering; and, he has been a vocal champion of online learning and teaching throughout his career.

This was a very smart move on the part of the University of Massachusetts. I’m sure Ken will do great things there.

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One Response to Ken Udas to Head Up UMassOnline

  1. Natalie says:

    How good is this school, UMasss Online?? Any place to get reviews on it? I am sure Ken will do a great job there, but I would like to know what issues current students have and how he plans to fix them?

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