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  1. IMS Global Learning (@LearningImpact)
    May 5, 2013

    I was in a session at the GSV Education Innovation Summit where indeed Jose made it clear that he believed “there could be only one platform” – clearly signaling that this would be Knewton’s goal. Wish them the best of luck – might work – IMS has some standards that might be able to help them have an interoperable platform. :-)

    It’s going to be interesting though. Those in the higher ed world might not be aware that the assessment world is making great strides in adaptive testing and that there are a wide variety of platforms both available and under development – including open source platforms. IMS is right in the middle of all that with our item, test, results and other standards. One of the two major U.S. Race to the Top Assessment consortia, Smarter Balanced, is producing an open source adaptive testing platform. IMS is working with University of Kansas (also an RTTA consortium) on an assessment platform that utilizes “dynamic learning maps.” IMS is working with other providers internationally that are in both the summative and formative assessment areas as well.

    Furthermore, LTI 2 really blurs the distinction between a platform and a tool/content. Anything can plug into anything else.

    Therefore, the competition for adaptive assessment platforms is going to be very interesting.

  2. Michael Feldstein
    May 6, 2013

    Rob, while I appreciate the update on the IMS’s efforts, please be careful about keeping your posts from being too overtly promotional. We ask vendors who comment here to be thoughtful in this regard, and the same rules apply to non-profits as well.

  3. ExKnewton
    May 8, 2013

    I worked at Knewton. They have good engineers and some solid data scientists, but their executives are a combination of clueless, arrogant, and unethical that doesn’t bode well for the company’s future.

    The only reason they keep raising money is that Jose pulls family connections. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten so many “pivot” chances. Jose’s original ambition was to start a test-prep company and get revenge on Kaplan for canning him in the mid-90s.

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