LinkedIn: I Told You So (Sorta)

In December 2012, I tweeted:

At the time, Coursera was the darling of online ed startups. Since then, it has lost its way somewhat, while has taken off like a rocket. Which is probably one big reason why LinkedIn chose to acquire (rather than Coursera) for $1.5 billion. I still think it’s possible that they could acquire a MOOC provider as well, but Udacity seems like a better fit than Coursera at this point.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LinkedIn is the most interesting company in ed tech.

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4 Responses to LinkedIn: I Told You So (Sorta)

  1. Jesse W says:

    Michael, I can’t find other posts where you explain why LinkedIn is the most interesting company in Ed Tech so can you direct me? I do see how they have a ton of potential when it comes to things like comptency based learning, leveraging user date to create adaptive and proactive or “smart” learning experiences that predict user needs, etc.

  2. You can find a sketch of it in the first paragraph of this post:

  3. Andrew McCann says:

    Agree with previous post – this argument is undeveloped in your writing (that I’ve seen) but I’d love to see a deeper dive.

    LinkedIn is going to have more power over careers and credentials than any university, ever.

    Sometimes, late at night, I search LinkedIn for former students – just to see where they landed. LinkedIn knows more about outcomes than anyone.

    Here are a couple of takes on LinkedIn:
    From 2012:
    From 2013:

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