Michael Staton

Michael Staton is an educator turned Internet entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of Inigral, he has led Inigral through three rounds of investment and brought on ninety partner institutions. Inigral is considered the leading company in developing social software for student recruitment and retention in Higher Education, and has been named one of the top ten innovative companies in Education by Fast Company. Inigral recently brought on the first PRI as a venture investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation due to their innovative approach at better enabling the social assimilation of students.

He has been a panelist and speaker at the ASU Innovation in Education Summit, SXSW, Internet Week, National College Access Network, the White House, and the President’s Council on the Advancement of Science and Technology on issues in secondary and post-secondary education. He is a contributing author to Stretching the Higher Education Dollar and regularly blogs for Inside Higeher Ed. He helps other education entrepreneurs get off the ground the best he can, and functions as an advisor to companies like Goalbook and Degreed. Prior to starting Inigral, he was an innovative educator and curriculum designer focused on building a college readiness curriculum framework. Michael has an MA from Clark University in International Development.