MOOC Mania: Stanford AI Course Creates Media Sensation Two Years Ago

It was two years ago, give or take a week, that the MOOC mania started. Think about the effects on higher education of this seminal event and how short a time it has been. In the past two years online education and ed tech have moved into the front pages, being discussed in the front pages of leading newspapers, popular media magazines, and in president’s cabinets and board meetings for most institutions. Previously, online education was discussed in small circles and specific contexts, but not as a dominant theme whenever higher education was the topic.

Below is a brief (and incomplete) timeline of the national media articles as MOOC mania started in August 2011. I have not included ed tech blogs in this list, but it is worth noting that George Siemens wrote about the new MOOC on August 4 – exactly two years ago.

And the rest, for better or worse, is history. Let me know if I’ve missed any key articles in this time frame, and I’ll update.

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  1. Lou Pugliese says:

    Phil- probably would be good to complete the circle with recent “MOOC downturn” articles written

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