My New Post on Terra Incognita

I have an article up today on Terra Incognita. If you haven’t checked this blog out yet, I highly recommend that you do. Managed by Penn State World Campus’s Executive Director Ken Udas, the blog features a series of guest posts by various interesting folks on topics related to open source and open educational resources for higher education.

Anyway, my piece uses the analysis of Yochai Benkler to explain how it is that open source works from an economic perspective. I had intended to get into all kinds of nuances, such as the implications for aspects of open source projects such as modularity, transparency, license choice, patents, etc., but the post would have been way too long. As it was, I’m not sure that I even managed to capture the basics of his ideas in a compelling way.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post sometime.

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