Open Source in Education Post Series on Terra Incognita

My good friend Ken Udas has asked me to pass along the following:

I would like to point you to a project that I am helping to coordinate on “The Impact of Open Source Software on Education,” in which a group of colleagues are posting perspectives on OSS in education. The group will make brief posts of their personal perspectives on OSS using Terra Incognita (the Penn State World Campus Blog). Most of the authors have a strong distance, open, and eLearning background. After each posting there will be a period of time during which comments, feedback, and dialog will occur. Eventually the posting, comments/discussion, and a brief summary will be formatted and made available as open educational resources on WikiEducator. During the days following each posting on Terra Incognita, the author will be available to respond to feedback and engage in a group dialogue with you.

I think that this activity could provide an excellent introduction to OSS in Education for practitioners and is also a way to get a feel for some perspectives from around the globe. We have contributing authors form the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Kenya, and South Africa currently scheduled.

If you are interested in learning more about the “The Impact of Open Source Software on Education” series, you can check out the project site at on WikiEducator.

Or if you just want to check out the first posting it will be made on Terra Incognita on March 12th. An interview with Ruth Sabean, assistant vice provost for educational technology in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science, will kick off the series on March 12. Ruth ran the evaluation process at UCLA that resulted in the selection of the open source application Moodle.

Parts one and two of the interview with Ruth Sabean are up now and are very interesting reads.

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