Please Welcome Featured Blogger Elijah Mayfield

When the story first broke a while back about the Kaggle contest for robo-grading essays that could be “similar to” human graders, I got interested. So after doing a little reading, I ended up contacting a guy by the name of Elijah Mayfield, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University and one of the winners of the contest. The net result of our conversation is that I ended up writing a blog post called “What Is Machine Learning Good For?” Fast-forward a bit. Elijah now has a start-up called LightSIDE Labs based on the same technology, and The New York Times is writing puff pieces on how edX is going to change the world with this technology. In the meantime, I have been talking to Elijah for a while about getting him to write at e-Literate.

I’m happy to say that Elijah will be doing a series of posts for us on machine learning in education, starting today. Please welcome him.

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