Right to Access Report Links and Upcoming Event

As we announced the other day, Phil and I have written a report sponsored by the 20 Million Minds Foundation responding to California SB 520, a.k.a. the “MOOC bill,” and making some recommendations for the governor and legislature to consider as they attempt to tackle the bottleneck course problem in the current budget discussions. You can see more about the report on 20 Million Minds website here. Ry Rivard of Insider Higher Education has a good write-up of the paper here.

Phil and I will doing a CrowdHall event Tuesday through Friday of next week. CrowdHall basically lets anyone ask questions (asynchronously) and then have participants vote up the best questions for responses by the “speakers.” I have no idea how well it will work, but I’m interested in trying it. We will be serializing the paper here on e-Literate during those days, posting a new section and some commentary each day to try to stimulate discussion. The event starts at 9 AM PST and ends at 2 PM PST each day (although how much those times mean during an asynchronous event is not clear to me).

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  1. Alfred Essa says:

    Great report and analysis. Hope to have more comments after reading the report more carefully.

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