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Efficacy, Adaptive Learning, and the Flipped Classroom

Speaking of efficacy and the complexity of measuring it, I had an interesting conversation the other day with Danae Hudson, a professor of Psychology at Missouri State University, about a course redesign effort that she participated in. The initial contact … Continue reading

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New e-Literate TV Episode: Adaptive Learning and Learning Analytics

In our latest episode, the penultimate in the pilot series, we explore the topics that are likely to be moving up the curve of the hype cycle this year—adaptive learning and learning analytics.  Like many of the topics in the … Continue reading

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What Faculty Should Know About Adaptive Learning

I was honored to be asked by the American Federation of Teachers to write an article on what their membership should know about adaptive learning technologies. That piece is running in this month’s issue of AFT On Campus. I am reprinting it … Continue reading

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Differentiated, Personalized & Adaptive Learning: some clarity for EDUCAUSE

Josh Kim wrote three predictions at Inside Higher Ed for the EDUCAUSE 2013 conference, and I particularly agree with the basis of #2: Prediction 2: Adaptive Learning Platforms Will Be the Toast of the Party Everyone will want to talk to … Continue reading

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No, really, courseware is a thing now

In the operating plan slide deck that Cengage recently released as a consequence of their bankruptcy proceedings, the executive summary slide says that a key element of their strategy is “driving aggressive digital growth in a course model.” “Course solutions” … Continue reading

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