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68 Percent of Statistics Are Meaningless, Purdue University Edition

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) I don’t know of any other way to put this. Purdue University is harming higher education by knowingly peddling questionable research for the purpose of institutional self-aggrandizement. Purdue leadership should issue a retraction and an … Continue reading

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Purdue University Has an Ethics Problem

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) It’s fair to say that Purdue University has sparked several important conversations in ed tech through their work on Course Signals. First, they pretty much put the retention early warning system as a product category … Continue reading

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Comments from a Researcher on the Course Signals Kerfluffle

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) Doug Clow of the Open University has published a thoughtful and detailed blog post in response to the Course Signals effectiveness controversy. He covers far too much ground for me to attempt to summarize here, but … Continue reading

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Purdue’s Non-Answer on Course Signals

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) Inside Higher Ed’s Carl Straumsheim has some reporting on the Course Signals data controversy. He was able to get Purdue research scientist Matt Pistilli on record about it. Here is the sum total of the … Continue reading

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Course Signals Effectiveness Data Appears to be Meaningless (and Why You Should Care)

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) My father likes to say, “If you stick your head in the freezer and your feet in the oven, on average you’ll be comfortable.” Behind this pithy saying is an insight that is a little … Continue reading

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