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Efficacy Math is Hard

David Wiley has a great post up on efficacy and OER in response to my original post about Pearson’s efficacy plan. He opens the piece by writing about Benjamin Bloom’s famous “2 sigma” problem: The problem isn’t that we don’t … Continue reading

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No, really, courseware is a thing now

In the operating plan slide deck that Cengage recently released as a consequence of their bankruptcy proceedings, the executive summary slide says that a key element of their strategy is “driving aggressive digital growth in a course model.” “Course solutions” … Continue reading

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What Are Ed Tech Entrepreneurs Good For?

The recent ASU Education Innovation Summit, which brought together venture capitalists with aspiring ed tech entrepreneurs, created quite a stir in the edublogosphere and the edutwitterverse. A lot of the reaction came from people who were watching from a distance … Continue reading

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Textbook Publishers and OERs

Not too long ago, The Chronicle ran an piece called “Publishers Criticize Federal Investment in Open Educational Resources.” The meat of the article was some quotes of textbook company executives on a panel at an SIIA conference speaking out against … Continue reading

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David Wiley on DIY U

Since it was David Wiley’s unique blend of relentless idealism and can-do pragmatism that first convinced me to give the open education movement a closer look, I was curious to know what he thought of the discussion about DIY U … Continue reading

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