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Dammit, the LMS

Count De Monet: I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting! King Louis: You said it; they stink on ice. – History of the World, Part I Jonathan Rees discovered a … Continue reading

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Educational Technology and the Sources of Innovation

Based on Jon Udell’s excellent post, I spent the weekend getting reacquainted with work of Eric von Hippel, the researcher who pioneered the study of user-driven innovation. What’s interesting about von Hippel is that his research hits on the common themes of … Continue reading

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The IMS’s New “Caliper” Learning Analytics Interoperability Framework Is Deeply Interesting

The IMS has announced the initial public release of something they call Caliper, which they characterize as a learning analytics interoperability framework. But it’s actually much, much more than that. In fact, it represents the functional core of something that … Continue reading

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Instructure Steps Up for Open Education

Friday evening, I wrote in a blog post: If you are a large for-profit education company—say, an LMS vendor or a textbook company—give $5,000 to the DS106 Kickstarter project. At that level of contribution, in addition to all the benefits of … Continue reading

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Can Enlightenment Scale?

I had the pleasure of listening to Jim Groom give a keynote speech at the Open Education conference this morning. I generally find listening to Jim equal parts inspiring and frustrating. Inspiring because he has a direct tap into the … Continue reading

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