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End of an Era

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1107) Now that the Blackboard/D2L patent fight is over, I am taking down the edupatent feed harvester, which never worked particularly well anyway. Mostly what showed up in the feed were my own posts, which you … Continue reading

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Blackboard v. Desire2Learn Is Over

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1107) All lawsuits have been dropped by both sides. The companies will cross-license each others’ patent portfolios under undisclosed terms, which gives both companies an opportunity to save face. After three and a half years, higher … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Blackboard Patent Suit (and Who Pays It)

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1107) An e-Literate reader comments on my post about Blackboard owing Desire2Learn money: The amount [that Blackboard will have to pay Desire2Learn, including the original award plus interest] will probably be over $3.8M USD from my rough … Continue reading

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Blackboard Owes Desire2Learn Over Three Million Dollars

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1107) I’m a little late on this one, but late last week the U.S. Court of Appeals denied Blackboard’s rehearing petition. Their only recourse now would be to appeal to the United States Supreme Court and … Continue reading

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Blackboard Files Yet Another Lawsuit

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1107) photo credit: michelle.irish You may recall that Blackboard purchased a patent in what appeared to be a fruitless attempt to countersue TechRadium, the company that sued them for patent infringement over their emergency warning system and that … Continue reading

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