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The Perils of Prediction

As we watch the spectacle of the jackasses in the mainstream media blithely continue to pretend to know what they’re talking about after being repeatedly and stunning wrong in the predictions of the U.S. Presidential primary, it’s worthwhile to look … Continue reading

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FAS's Kay Howell on the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust Act

Federation of American Scientists’ Kay Howell, who authored the research roadmap for the Digital Opportunity Investment Trust Act, has a column in eLearn explaining why passage of the act is so critical: Today’s students are not only comfortable with technology-they … Continue reading

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e-Learning Usability Engineering Guide is Up

Lisa Neal and I have an in-depth tutorial up on eLearn about how to do usability testing for self-paced e-learning courses (although the methods would work for collaborative courses as well). It was originally written as a stand-alone guide and … Continue reading

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Learning Objects Considered Harmful

I have a new column up on e-Learn called There’s No Such Thing as a Learning Object. This has been a long time coming; I was an early advocate for learning objects–and still am an advocate, in some ways. But … Continue reading

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Why Mashups Make the LMOS

Regular readers know that I’ve been flogging the notion of a Learning Management Operating System (LMOS) pretty hard. The other day, LMOS partner-in-crime Patrick Masson and I published an article about the need to make LMS’s mash-up-friendly. Well, today, ZDNet … Continue reading

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