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Two New Articles in e-Learn

I just had two new articles published in e-Learn Magazine. The first one, A Call to Arms, is an opinion piece arguing that we urgently need more direct faculty-technologist collaboration in LMS design if we are to make any kind … Continue reading

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The Intractable Problem of Informational Cascades

Stephen Downes’ new column on e-Learn does a great job of showing that solving the informational cascade problem is more challenging than I had presented it to be in my own article on the topic. In fact, his own analysis … Continue reading

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New Article Out

Lisa Neal and I have a new piece on attention and interactivity up on the eLearn home page. This is the first of what I hope will be many collaborations with Lisa.

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New Article on Informational Cascades

My new article just came out in eLearn. It started out wanting to be about “emergent learning” but, once I realized that I still have no idea what emergent learning actually is, I removed all references to it in the … Continue reading

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More Emergence Hoo-Ha

I got an email this morning calling my attention to the existence of something called the “Emergent Learning Forum.” I don’t know this group and I don’t know what they mean by “emergent learning”; my previous posts on emergence were … Continue reading

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