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IMS Report on Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends

The IMS has issued a new report with the somewhat imposing title, “IMS GLC Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends, North American Higher Education, 05 February 2007 Update.” You can get it here, but first you’ll have to register with the … Continue reading

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Thanks to Guest Blogger Stephen Marshall

In all my comings and goings, I failed to notice that Stephen has finished his run as a guest blogger here at e-Literate. If you missed his posts, I highly recommend checking them out: A Kiwi’s Perspective on e-Learning So … Continue reading

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The problems of benchmarking

In 2004 the United Kingdom e-University failed and was put out of its misery. The analysis of this failure was, and is, extensive and ongoing. Historians will no doubt provided us with a nuanced assessment of the failure that draws … Continue reading

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In my first post as a visitor to Michael’s blog I quoted Michael Fullan as encapsulating the motivations behind my research. I’m going to repeat that quote again as this post is going to focus on change: “The answer to … Continue reading

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So what is the eMM anyway?

In my last post I (Stephen) promised to explain in more detail what the e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) is and how it might be of use. The eMM is an example of a process maturity model and, like all such … Continue reading

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