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Google Introduces Course Builder, an Open Source Project Targeted at MOOCs (but the Real Competitor Might Be Amazon)

Google quietly made an educational technology announcement yesterday about the release of Course Builder, an “open source project” targeted at massive open online courses (MOOCs). This platform follows on the heels of Google’s own MOOC this summer. We should find out more information … Continue reading

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Khan Academy Contributes to the Google Art Project

My friends Beth Harris and Steven Zucker, formerly of smARThistory, now of smARThistory at Khan Academy, have announced that they contributed 90 art history videos for the newly launched version 2 of the Google Art Project. This idea, of creating … Continue reading

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When Large Companies Enter Ed Tech

I had a very interesting conversation on the way home from EDUCAUSE with Frank Florence, who is the Senior Director of Education Market Management for Cisco.  We discussed the changes happening in the ed tech market, and Frank helped me … Continue reading

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Mashing Up the LMS the Google Way

I have mentioned before Cambridge’s My Sakai project which, writ large, can be seen as an attempt to make Sakai more compatible with Web 2.0 by supporting development of widgets, gadgets, Facebook applications, and so on. Well, they’ve made some … Continue reading

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Gadgets Instead of Portlets?

Via CMSWatch, an interesting facet of the Apache Shindig proposal has surfaced. Shindig is Apache’s server-side container for OpenSocial and OpenSocial, in turn, is (among other things) based on Google Gadgets. Here’s the interesting bit: A social application, in this … Continue reading

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