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Curtiss Barnes on Learning Information Services

Curtiss Barnes is Vice President of Industry Product Strategy for Education and Research at Oracle, and he’s also an all around smart guy. In his latest blog post, he has some more details on recent progress with LIS. It’s well … Continue reading

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IMS Learning Information Services: The State of the Union

Regular e-Literate readers know that I am a big booster of the IMS Learning Information Services specification. (For an overview of the basics of the specification, see my posts here, here, and here.) There has been a lot of news … Continue reading

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Pearson Announces Support for IMS Learning Information Services

Pearson just announced that they will be supporting the IMS LIS standard (and with Oracle’s SAIP implementation of it) across a number of their products. First, they’ll support it in MyLabs, which are subject-focused learning environments (e.g., MyChemLab, MyMathLab, etc.)—sort … Continue reading

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Desire2Learn Delivers IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability (BLTI) Support

In other IMS news, Desire2Learn has announced that they are the first LMS provider to support BLTI, a specification designed to support plugging third-party tools into an LMS. According to the press release, here’s what’s included: Management interfaces to define … Continue reading

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Jenzibar Planning to Support IMS Learning Information Services Standard

I mentioned here recently that SunGard has committed to supporting IMS Learning Information Services in their next release, making them the second major SIS provider to do so. (Oracle, my employer, has supported it in Peoplesoft Campus Solutions for about … Continue reading

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