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IMS Learning Information Services: The State of the Union

Regular e-Literate readers know that I am a big booster of the IMS Learning Information Services specification. (For an overview of the basics of the specification, see my posts here, here, and here.) There has been a lot of news … Continue reading

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Keeping Work (LMS) and Play (Social Networks) Separate?

MergingArts has a good audio interview with Inigral CEO Michael Staton. Michael makes some good points about the nature of sites like Facebook that raise questions about a number of academic social networking efforts. Essentially, he argues that people don’t want to … Continue reading

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Openness: Finally, We're Getting Somewhere

Update: The Sannier vs. Wheeler smackdown is available on video here. Microsoft Silverlight is required. As I sit on the flight home from the EDUCAUSE conference thinking back on the themes of the week, it is clear to me that … Continue reading

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IMS Learning Information Services: Enabling Innovation

In my previous posts on this topic, I outlined the mundate yet important core use cases that LIS is intended to address. Now I’d like to start looking at some of the sexier possibilities that the spec enables. In recent guest posts, … Continue reading

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SIS to Facebook Direct. Introducing Schools on Facebook.

Hi!  I’m Michael Staton and I’m a guest blogger.  What I say in no way represents Michael Feldstein or his ancestors.  Also, our screenshot here is of our app with Abilene Christian University, a school known for being a thought … Continue reading

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