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Response to Robert Talbert: Pedagogical change is difficult, many need support

By Phil HillMore Posts (471) On Monday Robert Talbert, associate professor at Grand Valley State University and author of the Casting Out Nines blog, wrote a provocative and important post titled “Active learning as an ethical issue”. Robert noted: The recent Proceedings of … Continue reading

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Promising Research Results On Specific Forms Of Adaptive Learning / ITS

By Phil HillMore Posts (471) Recently I described an unpublished study by Dragan Gasevic and team on the use of Knowillage / LeaP adaptive platform. The context of article was on D2L’s misuse of the results, but the study itself … Continue reading

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No, really, courseware is a thing now

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1101) In the operating plan slide deck that Cengage recently released as a consequence of their bankruptcy proceedings, the executive summary slide says that a key element of their strategy is “driving aggressive digital growth in … Continue reading

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A Taxonomy of Adaptive Analytics Strategies

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1101) I almost never quote a blog post in its entirety, but this one from Dan Meyer is so good that I just can’t bear to cut a single word: Stephanie Simon, reporting for Reuters on … Continue reading

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Where xMOOCs and Adaptive Analytics Both Fail (For Now)

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1101) No, this isn’t just an attempt to cram as many sexy keywords into one post title as possible. xMOOCs and adaptive analytics share an ambition: They both are at least partially motivated by a desire … Continue reading

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