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Better Ed Tech Conversations

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1053) This is another follow-up to the comments thread on my recent LMS rant. As usual, Kate Bowles has insightful and empathetic comments: …From my experience inside two RFPs, I think faculty can often seem like … Continue reading

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Changing the Narrative

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1053) As Phil mentioned, he and I were both lucky to attend the MOOC Research Initiative conference, which was a real tour de force. Jim Groom observed that even the famously curmudgeonly Stephen Downes appeared to be enjoying … Continue reading

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SJSU and Udacity: The Obvious Problems and Value of Report

By Phil HillMore Posts (378) SJSU has announced via an official blog post that they are studying the results of the SJSU Plus program using Udacity. First, news coverage and much commentary have been based on very preliminary and unanalyzed … Continue reading

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SJSU and Udacity: Poor Planning and Support, but Valuable Reviewing of Results

By Phil HillMore Posts (378) A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for an article in the NY Times about recent pushback against MOOCs. Jonathan Rees, a history professor at Colorado State University at Pueblo, who has written critically about … Continue reading

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