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Hello? Pedagogy?

With all the hype about massive and adaptive and big data, it’s hard to remember sometimes that real flesh and blood humans do know some things about teaching and learning. In fact, we know a lot about it in some … Continue reading

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Where xMOOCs and Adaptive Analytics Both Fail (For Now)

No, this isn’t just an attempt to cram as many sexy keywords into one post title as possible. xMOOCs and adaptive analytics share an ambition: They both are at least partially motivated by a desire to teach at scale. With … Continue reading

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“Can I Use This?” How Museum and Library Image Policies Undermine Education

By Dr. Beth Harris & Dr. Steven Zucker Is the discipline of art history (together with museums and libraries) squandering the digital revolution? We’re not the only ones with this concern. Just last week James Cuno wrote a short article, … Continue reading

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Going Meta on Khan

The wonderful Dan Meyers points to this delightful Mystery Science Theater 3000 homage by John Golden and David Coffey as they critique one of Sal Khan’s math videos. Here’s the video: Everybody enjoys a good snarkfest, and these guys are … Continue reading

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Please Welcome Beth Harris and Steven Zucker

I am delighted to announce that my friends Beth Harris and Steven Zucker will be joining e-Literate as featured bloggers. Beth and Steven are the creators of smARThistory and the first faculty hired by Khan Academy. I have learned a … Continue reading

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