Why LinkedIn Matters

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) A few folks have asked me to elaborate on why I think LinkedIn is the most interesting—and possibly the most consequential—company in ed tech. Imagine that you wanted to do a longitudinal study of how … Continue reading

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LinkedIn: I Told You So (Sorta)

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) In December 2012, I tweeted: Let it be known that I was the first to predict that Coursera will be acquired by LinkedIn. — Michael Feldstein (@mfeldstein67) December 5, 2012 At the time, Coursera was … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Releases College Ranking Service

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1104) I have long thought that LinkedIn has the potential to be one of the most transformative companies in ed tech for one simple reason: They have far more cross-institutional longitudinal outcomes data than anybody else—including … Continue reading

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