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Google Soon Adding JotSpot to Google Apps

Thanks to fellow Oracle blogger Jake Kuramoto for pointing to this ZDNet piece revealing (among other things) that JotSpot is about to become part of the Google Apps package. Long-time e-Literate readers know that I was lucky enough to be … Continue reading

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Four Ideas for the Future of Sakai

One of the emerging themes from the Sakai Amsterdam conference was a strong desire in the community to develop a coherent vision for Sakai’s developing educational value proposition. Now, because of Sakai’s heritage as a project grown out of an … Continue reading

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Two New Articles in e-Learn

I just had two new articles published in e-Learn Magazine. The first one, A Call to Arms, is an opinion piece arguing that we urgently need more direct faculty-technologist collaboration in LMS design if we are to make any kind … Continue reading

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Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

Here’s a nice little tool, community, and design pattern for creating and sharing how-to learning objects. Basically, it provides a wizard for inputting text step descriptions and illustrative images. Mix in some Flickr-style usability principles and some folksonomic tagging goodness, … Continue reading

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Second Life: A Simulation Wiki?

As usual, Jon Udell is onto something interesting. A company called Linden Labs has produced a MMORG called

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