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The Resilient Higher Ed LMS: Canvas is the only fully-established recent market entry

For a few years starting in 2009, it seemed one of the best ways to raise VC funds or corporate internal investment was to say “we can beat Blackboard with a new cloud-based platform”. Witness Coursekit / Lore, Instructure / … Continue reading

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Summary of Statements by Key Players in Blackboard Announcement, Including Competitors

Given all the news and discussion surrounding Blackboard’s strategy change last week, I thought that it would be useful to collect the public statements from Blackboard and their competitors in one place. No analysis, no interviews, just statements. I have … Continue reading

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LoudCloud Systems Announces Adaptive LMS General Release

One of the trends that I’ve been tracking in the LMS market is a move away from the monolithic, all-things-to-everyone enterprise LMS solution. There are several different approaches challenging this model, but the general theme is that the ed tech … Continue reading

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Breaking Up the LMS: K-12 District Selects Part of LoudCloud Systems’ LMS

This is a guest post by Phil Hill from Delta Initiative, follow on Twitter  @PhilOnEdTech or his blog It’s been a busy week for LMS announcements, and I expect more announcements leading up to EDUCAUSE.  First, the Hawaii Virtual Learning Network (for … Continue reading

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