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The IMS Is More Important Than You Think It Is

I have long argued that the development of technical interoperability standards for education are absolutely critical for enabling innovation and personalized learning environments. Note that I usually avoid those sorts of buzzwords—”innovation” and “personalized learning”—so when I use them here, … Continue reading

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Two-Year Anniversary of Blackboard Acquisition of Moodlerooms and NetSpot

Two years ago today, Blackboard made a dramatic change of course with a series of public announcements: Blackboard acquired two Moodle hosting and service providers — Moodlerooms in the US and NetSpot in Australia (although they had different business models). Blackboard created … Continue reading

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Lots of News in the IMS Standards World

Update: Scott Wilson rightly pointed out to me that the IMS produces specifications, not standards. This week was the annual IMS Learning Impact conference, and it brought with it a slew of announcements about progress on education-specific technical standards: Learning … Continue reading

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Blackboard's Progress Toward Standards Support

Coming out of this week’s IMS meeting, Ray Henderson has a good post up describing the progress Blackboard was able to demonstrate toward support of the IMS Common Cartridge (CC) and Basic Learning Tool Interoperability (BLTI) standards. Sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading

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Desire2Learn Delivers IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability (BLTI) Support

In other IMS news, Desire2Learn has announced that they are the first LMS provider to support BLTI, a specification designed to support plugging third-party tools into an LMS. According to the press release, here’s what’s included: Management interfaces to define … Continue reading

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