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Michael Korcuska Moving On, Lois Brooks Stepping Up

Update: Lois Brooks now has a blog post up about the transition as well. Well, I’m sad but not surprised to report that Michael Korcuska has been wooed by an organization with deep pockets to take on a very important … Continue reading

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Sakai 3: What It Is and When To Move To It

I have been getting a lot of questions from the Sakai-curious lately about the whole Sakai 2 vs. Sakai 3 question. When will Sakai 3 be “ready”? When is a good time to migrate? If I’m under pressure to migrate … Continue reading

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Review: Sakai Courseware Management

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while. I promised Michael Korcuska that I would review the new Sakai book that he co-wrote with Alan Berg. This is a particularly important milestone for the Sakai community because it … Continue reading

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Sakai 3 As Mac OS X, Part Deux

At the risk of sounding a little silly, I’m going to attempt to extend the analogy between Sakai 3 and Mac OS X that I made in my last post. The reason I think this exercise is worth trying is … Continue reading

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Imagining a WeLE

A while back, I noted with some interest Michael Korcuska’s screencast showing off a prototype of some functionality planned for Sakai 3. Some recent related conversation has come up on the Sakai listservs regarding the possibility of including wiki-like capabilities … Continue reading

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