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Two MOOC curriculum announcements in one week

In two apparently unrelated announcements, both MIT and Wharton announced they were moving beyond just courses and putting significant parts of their curriculum into MOOC platforms, both with identity verification. MIT is putting several undergraduate sequences online through MITx (their … Continue reading

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MOOC Discussion Forums: barrier to engagement?

Robert McGuire wrote an article for Campus Technology,¬†Building a Sense of Community in MOOCs, that touches on an important topic – is the centralized discussion forum a barrier to student engagement? But more students can also mean more isolation within … Continue reading

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MOOCs, Courseware, and the Course as an Artifact

As Phil mentioned in his last post, he and I had the privilege of participating in a two-day ELI webinar on MOOCs. A majority of the speakers had been involved in implementing MOOCs at their institutions in one way or … Continue reading

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MOOCs in 2012: Dismantling the Status Quo

The dominant story in higher education for 2012 was clearly the rise of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), particularly the xMOOCs such as Coursera, Udacity, and edX. There has been a lot of debate on the merits of xMOOCs in … Continue reading

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ITOE: Comparing Two OpenCourseWare Styles

It’s week three, and the course continues to elide the distinction between open education and open educational resources. That’s a shame because there’s a real opportunity to explore the differences in goals in the current assignment: Carefully review five (5) … Continue reading

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