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Coursera: The pivot to corporate learning becomes clear

By Phil HillMore Posts (442) Last week I had a post in the Chronicle titled “MOOCs Are Dead. Long Live Online Higher Education.” triggered by the departure of Daphne Koller from her day-to-day role at Coursera. Mr. Ng left Coursera in … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity on the Role of Technology in Teaching

By Phil HillMore Posts (442) This following excerpt is based on a post first published at The Chronicle of Higher Education. With all of the discussion around the role of online education for traditional colleges and universities, over the past … Continue reading

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State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Spring 2016 Edition

By Phil HillMore Posts (442) This is the eighth year I have shared the LMS market share graphic, commonly known as the squid graphic, for (mostly) US higher education. The original idea remains – to give a picture of the … Continue reading

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Georgia Tech and Udacity MOOC Degree: Missing targets but still worth watching

By Phil HillMore Posts (442) Melissa Korn wrote an article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal giving a progress report on that Georgia Tech / Udacity MOOC degree (the master’s in computer science). The Georgia Tech online computer-science program is … Continue reading

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The Rise of Antisocial Deconstructivism

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1092) Phil and I gave our first ever joint keynote at the OLC conference this week. We didn’t want to just do dueling PowerPoints, so instead we tried a format that I have been calling a … Continue reading

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