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About That Cengage OER Survey

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) Last month Cengage Learning released a white paper titled “Open Educational Resources (OER) and the Evolving Higher Education Landscape” where the headline called out expected increases in OER adoption: Open Educational Resources (OER) in higher education have … Continue reading

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New OER Survey: The disconnect between faculty caring and assigning

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) In 2012 the Babson Survey Research Group (BSRG) put out a new report on usage and perceptions of open educational resources (OER) usage in higher education. Covered in this blog post, the 2012 report was really … Continue reading

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Is Open Education a Movement?

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1097) Phil and I had a wonderful time co-keynoting the OpenEd 2015 conference. It was a hoot. Here is the spectacular graphic depiction of the keynote done by Tracy Kelly from BC Campus: And here is … Continue reading

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A Weird but True Fact about Textbook Publishers and OER

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1097) As I was perusing David Kernohan’s notes on Larry Lessig’s keynote at the OpenEd conference, one statement leapt out at me: Could the department of labour require that new education content commissioned ($100m) be CC-BY? … Continue reading

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Significant Milestone: First national study of OER adoption

By Phil HillMore Posts (466) For years we have heard anecdotes and case studies about OER adoption based on one (or a handful) of institutions. There are many items we think we know, but we have lacked hard data on the … Continue reading

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