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New LMS Entrant: NIXTY

You may have already heard a bit about NIXTY, since they have managed to make a significant media splash in the last few weeks. There have been a number of interesting analyses, both pro and con. I’d like to highlight … Continue reading

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Why OER Advocates Should Be Happy About the iPad

I got some comments on my Blackboard iPad post specifically regarding the push toward native—and therefore proprietary—apps and away from standards-based web apps. This concern is just one example of a constellation of complaints about how Apple is too closed. … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Anya Kamenetz and the Open Education Movement

Many thanks to Cable Green for linking to this interview with Anya Kamenetz: Kamenetz’s recent article in Inside Higher Ed has also been getting a lot of attention, as has her blog, as she promotes her new book DIY U: … Continue reading

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ITOE: Comparing Two OpenCourseWare Styles

It’s week three, and the course continues to elide the distinction between open education and open educational resources. That’s a shame because there’s a real opportunity to explore the differences in goals in the current assignment: Carefully review five (5) … Continue reading

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ITOE: Motivations for Open Education

Well, it’s only the second week of class, and I’m already turning an assignment in late. (It was due yesterday.) I can’t even argue (plausibly, anyway) that the dog ate my blog post. So much for iron self-discipline. At any … Continue reading

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