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Blackboard CEO’s First 100 Days: Reorganization and Learn Ultra Updates

By Phil HillMore Posts (461) Just over four years after Providence Equity Partners acquired Blackboard and three years after they brought in Jay Bhatt to replace co-founder Michael Chasen, the company hired Bill Ballhaus as its new CEO at the beginning … Continue reading

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Blackboard Ultra Update: Some Clarity

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1096) Blackboard’s VP of Teaching and Learning, Valerie Schreiner, was kind enough to give Phil and me a fairly thorough update on the Ultra strategy on Wednesday. Their strategy is clearer to me now. That strategy, … Continue reading

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After Customer Feedback And Further Delays, Blackboard Changes Learn Ultra Strategy For LMS

By Phil HillMore Posts (461) A full seven months after BbWorld 2015, Blackboard has yet to move any new functionality for Learn Ultra from “in development” or “in research” to “available” according a new public webinar. That is, Learn Ultra … Continue reading

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Clarification on Cloud, SaaS and Multi-tenant Language

By Phil HillMore Posts (461) In several recent posts I have argued about the importance of cloud-based platforms, and Michael Feldstein has written some insightful analysis on the subject. Quite often the terms Cloud and SaaS (software as a service) are misunderstood, … Continue reading

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