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Blackboard and D2L Markman Filings Are Up

Thanks to Seb for the reference. D2L has posted the latest filings from both sides, detailing their competing interpretations of Blackboard’s patent. (Before you can decide if somebody has infringed on a patent, you first have to decide what that … Continue reading

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A New Article Out

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to post notice that I have a new article published in ALT-N. I’ve been having conversations on and off with Rob Abel about ways to ensure that educational technology … Continue reading

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The Blackboard Patent Pledge

I’m late to the party on the pledge news for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is a recalcitrant DNS server out there in the ether that denied me access to my new blog site for the … Continue reading

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Jim Farmer on the Impact of the Patent Wars

Seb Schmoller has posted an insightful, moving, and rather depressing reflection piece by Jim Farmer on the impact that the patent wars will have on education in general. Here’s a sample: Education patents and the new licensing environment may further … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Page Call for Reviewers

With some encouragement from Seb Schmoller and David Jennings, I searched for and found a way to ask Wikipedia editors at-large to peer review our History of Virtual Learning Environments page for tone and for compliance with their style guide. … Continue reading

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