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SJSU and Udacity End Game: 3 courses to be offered for-credit on Canvas LMS

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) After a great deal of publicity from their spring and summer pilots, San Jose State University has just announced that they will offer three of the courses again in Spring 2014 – but with a … Continue reading

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Effort and Engagement

By Michael FeldsteinMore Posts (1103) I’ve been thinking a little more this morning about the language used by the researchers in the SJSU Udacity report. They focus a lot on student “effort.” But it’s also pretty common in education to … Continue reading

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You know what would help MOOC articles? Getting the facts and goals right before analyzing

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) Keith Devlin has an article at Huffington Post today titled “MOOC Mania Meets the Sober Reality of Education”. The premise is that the halting of the San Jose State University (SJSU) / Udacity pilot project … Continue reading

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SJSU and Udacity: The Obvious Problems and Value of Report

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) SJSU has announced via an official blog post that they are studying the results of the SJSU Plus program using Udacity. First, news coverage and much commentary have been based on very preliminary and unanalyzed … Continue reading

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SJSU and Udacity: Poor Planning and Support, but Valuable Reviewing of Results

By Phil HillMore Posts (476) A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed for an article in the NY Times about recent pushback against MOOCs. Jonathan Rees, a history professor at Colorado State University at Pueblo, who has written critically about … Continue reading

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