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Six Months After Layoffs: No signs of growth at Desire2Learn

Late last year I wrote a post about Desire2Learn’s laying off more than 7% of the workforce, speculating that something had changed at the company. In particular, I didn’t buy the company line about continued growth. In the end, I have … Continue reading

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Why VCs Usually Get Ed Tech Wrong

I don’t often get to write these words, but there is a new must-read blog post on educational technology by a venture capitalist. Rethink Education’s Matt Greenfield argues that there is no generalized bubble in ed tech investment; rather, the … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Boundless Copyright Infringement Suit

On December 17th, the Boundless OER-based textbook startup issued a press release describing the settlement they had reached with Pearson, Cengage, and Macmillan in the lawsuit those three companies had filed against the company. (Full disclosure: Pearson has been a … Continue reading

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Layoffs at Desire2Learn: Significant or not?

In a little-reported event the week of Thanksgiving, Desire2Learn let go 28 employees. The only public report I’m aware of comes from The Record out of Desire2Learn’s hometown of Kitchener, Ontario in Canada. E-learning company Desire2Learn has cut about 25 … Continue reading

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We’re from the Valley and We’re Here to Help

The other week I had the pleasure of attending the annual GSV Advisors Education Innovation Summit in Scottsdale. For those who aren’t aware, the main purpose of the event is to help ed tech startups and investors find each other. … Continue reading

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