The Future of the LMS

Here’s the ninety-minute video and slides from a presentation I made to UMassOnline[1] last month called W(h)ither the LMS?

It’s a fairly institution- and enterprise-centric vision, but it has the potential to cohabitate rather nicely with more distributed, informal personal learning networks. Formal and informal educational paths should co-exist and cross each other in a seamless ecosystem, rather than being walled off from each other.

It’s a shame that the video doesn’t capture the technology demo. I’ll try to get a screencast up at some point.

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  1. For other presentations in the UMassOnline speaker series, as well as a list of upcoming speakers, see []

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2 Responses to The Future of the LMS

  1. Great presentation Michael, thanks for sharing.

  2. Michael Berman says:

    Michael – this is excellent – the discussion of IMS LIS was an eye-opener for me because we were getting ready to build something similar ourselves, now I can use the LIS draft spec as a prototype so as integrations become available we can plug them in. Thank you! (And of course, I was at BbWorld, and the CSU is an IMS member, but somehow I never really paid attention until now – you know how that goes!)

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