We Interrupt This Program…

e-Literate went down for few hours this afternoon due to somebody apparently hacking my account and using it for spam. It’s fixed now. Sorry.

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About Michael Feldstein

Michael Feldstein is co-Publisher of e-Literate, co-Producer of e-Literate TV, and Partner in MindWires Consulting. For more information, see his profile page.
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One Response to We Interrupt This Program…

  1. Michael, this ‘hack and use for spam’ is obviously just a convenient cover story.

    What really happened is one of the following: (a) Michael was secretly replaced by a Russian spy who had plastic surgery to look exactly like him?, (b) A genetically engineered megalomaniac bent on destroying the galaxy slipped a Ceti eel into Michael ear, thus controlling his mind, or (c) due to a freak transporter accident in an ion storm, Michael was replaced by his evil counterpart from a mirror universe?

    In any case, welcome back.

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